ARKIEMZ NIG LTD is a building design and construction firm that provides excellence services in custom architectural designs for residential, cultural and academic buildings.

We combine rigorous design with construction management experience, a good combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end product that are aesthetically and intellectually accurate as well as financially informed.

Our design values are modern, efficiency and logic with honest expression of materials and clean forms of lines that allow the architecture itself - the space, light, materials, spatial relationships and inhabitants to thrive. The result is an architecture that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, and universally rational while also being uniquely reflective of its values and characters of our clients.


At ArkiemzLtd, we believe all spaces should be flexible and easy to navigate. By understanding the building functions, how you work inside it and your future plans, we can help to create a form which supports operational efficiency and future proof which is sustainable and reducing energy use.

We easily understand the entire project through a high-level technical plan and solution recommendation. We identify the necessary budget and resources for the envisioned end, state communications solution and ultimately choose the optimal solution one that aligns with your business strategies, timeline, and budget considerations.

In addition to ground-up work, the firm has expertise in modern building renovations, showroom and office remodeling works.

... we work to provide our clients with excellent service delivery and to foster the development of long term relationships.

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